Saleen Says: my first European excursion.

I had a wonderful first year away from home, and an even better three weeks outside of the U.S.


Saleen Says: our weekend getaway to Berlin.

I am finally settled in at home (my Virginia home, that is). My study abroad trip has ended and while I miss Praha terribly, I am so happy to be in my own space and closer to my family. I will write a reflective/wrap-up post about Prague soon, but for now, I want to talk about my experience in Berlin!

Saleen Says: Zoo Praha!

I finally went to the zoo in Prague last week. I needed to go because I am including it in my “36 Hours” piece. I wanted to check it out, see what kinds of activities they have for children, and also indulge my inner-child a bit.

Saleen Says: a reflection on my first year at the University of Georgia.

I started this post a few weeks ago after submitting my last final of the spring semester. I couldn’t finish it because (a) my brain was absolutely dead, and (b) I wasn’t quite sure where to go with it.

I’m ready to reflect now, and what I really want to do is map out my biggest takeaways from this year, whether those were lessons learned in class, reporting, or personal lessons.

Saleen Says: adventures in Budapest!

It still doesn’t feel like I’ve been in Prague for the past week and a half, or like I spent this past weekend in Budapest, but here I am with another update!

Saleen Says: positive selfishness vs. negative selfishness.

Over the past few months, I’ve learned that there are two types of selfishness that people exude: the first kind is a more positive form that I think is the hardest to grasp, especially for people-pleasers. We would rather suffer just to make others happy. We’re givers, making us easy targets for takers, which leads me to the second type of selfishness.

Saleen Says: family fun at the Georgia Aquarium!

Wow! The time has finally come for me to head to Prague! I’ve been so busy with school, work and struggling to fit in time to rest, so I was beaming when my mom told me the family wanted to come and see me off. I was super excited when I found out because I…

Saleen Says: how Facebook has improved my “news diet.”

As first-year graduate students at the University of Georgia, my classmates and I all had to enroll in a course called “Graduate Newsroom,” taught by Professor Patricia Thomas, or Pat as we call her (unless I’m e-mailing her–then it’s Prof. Thomas). Anyway, she asked us something I’ll never forget.